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For a lot of people, driving is a significant part of their life.

If you have a disability or a problem with mobility, our team of friendly, specialist driving assessors will be able to talk to you and assess how your medical condition or mobility challenge can affect driving and if adapted driving controls or other adaptations may help.

We can offer help and advice if you want to learn to drive or return to driving following an accident, injury or as a result of a medical condition or disability.  So feel free to drop in or contact us to talk to one of the team.

We can also offer FREE driving assessments for clients referred to us by health professionals.  To apply for a free driving assessment, ask your GP, OT or other health professional to write to us or email us with your details and why you need an assessement.  Please also see 'Our Assessment Services' for more information about having a driving assessment.

We also have specialist vehicle and mobility equipment workshops where we can service or repair your mobility equipment, daily living equipment or driving adaptations.

Our driving assessment centres

You can have your assessment at any of our assessment centres below:

  • Truro
  • Plymouth
  • Exeter
  • Launceston