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If you have a child with a disability or a medical condition which restricts their mobility, we have equipment which can help.

Our children's department has products available to help children with a disability get around, such as wheelchairs, walkers, car seats and buggies.  

Children's car seat assessments

We offer free assessments for children who have difficulty using standard car seats.  Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Bugzi Loan Scheme

Bugzi is a powerchair designed for children aged between 2 and 6.  We are now running a FREE loan scheme for the benefit of children in Cornwall with physical disability or learning difficulty. The establishment of mobility, and control of it, at such a young age is proven to be highly beneficial from a developmental point of view. The scheme has already loaned out 50 units in other parts of the country but now Cornwall Mobility brings this MERU developed powerchair to the South West for the first time in partnership with the Queen Elizabeth's Foundation for Disabled People, London. Please pass the message on that this scheme is available (3 families in Cornwall are currently benefitting from the scheme) and that anyone with an interest should contact us  for further information.

First Bugzi handed over as part of the free Bugzi loan scheme

Have a look at young Willow using her Bugzi powered wheelchair for the first time!

Willow is aged 3 and has extremely limited mobility. We were very pleased to hand over a Bugzi to Willow and her mum last week as part of the free Bugzi loan scheme. Willow is seen here operating her Bugzi for the first time and making the most of her new found independence. Enjoy your Bugzi Willow!