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Pensioner pop group

An Edinburgh-based talent agency is holding open auditions for a pensioner pop group after a mocked-up advert they ran struck a chord with music lovers.

The image they used of a band made up of older women rocking out in a basement prompted so many booking enquiries they decided to create a real band to meet the demand.

"We used the advert initially to represent our diversity and uniqueness," said Jay. "But this is real for us - it's not as though your talent dies just because you get older."

"We’ve had applications coming through already, with one from a lovely lady who said that travelling to auditions is not a problem for her as she can get there on her free bus pass," said Jay.

"We might just take inspiration from her and call the band 'The Free Riders' or something."

If you are interested in auditioning you can apply here.

What a great idea! Have you got any ideas for the band's name?