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New at Cornwall Mobility - Telecare safety equipment for the home

  • The Pebbell SOS pendant alarm is a personal safety alarm with a large buddy button on the front that keeps you connected with loved ones.  It can be fitted with a roaming SIM card which means that you will be able to contact someone for help wherever you are.
  • Tap2Tag Medical Alert Bracelet  is a new, highly innovative product that uses near frequency technology in the shape of a bracelet, a Key fob or plastic card which is designed to help first-responders and paramedics gain instant access to critical medical information in the case of an emergency.
  • Innohome  Stove Guard is a small yet highly intelligent device that warns your loved one of fire hazards by sounding an audible alarm before the formation of any toxic gases and before a fire can ignite.  Once the stove alarm senses any gases or rising temperatures, it will sound the alarm which will then communicate with the Stove Guard control unit, automatically shutting off the cooker's power supply preventing any hazardous situation from getting any worse.

Please contact us if you would like more information about any of these products.