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We have a wide range of manual and powered wheelchairs available to try.  

Manual wheelchairs

We have a range of basic self propelling, (for independent use) or transit wheelchairs (for carers' use). 

Prescription standard wheelchairs and active user chairs are also available for assessment and supply at Cornwall Mobility.

Powered wheelchairs

Our powered (electric) chairs are operated by the user via a joystick pad on the armrest of the chair or by an attendant at the rear of the chair, or even on occasion, both!

There are models for both indoor and outdoor use and for travel on the road and in the countryside.

We will always assess your needs and look at where you want to use the chair before recommending the most suitable piece of equipment. 

Modifications / Assessories

For all our wheelchairs, there is a range of modifications and assessories available which will increase the product's versatility, such as features which allow chairs to recline, rise, and even tilt.

These can be suggested according to your needs, as these can support:

  1. Accessibility around the home environment, and other areas.
  2. Adjustability for comfort and safety while on the move.

Power packs

Manual chairs can be fitted with power packs which make propelling them easier for you or an assistant.

There are different models to suit how often the chair is used and they can be detached and carried separately when necessary.


We can provide a range of assessories such as:

  • Outdoor clothing protection for you and your wheelchair or scooter
  • Outdoor shelters
  • Bags for carrying extra items or holders for walking sticks or crutches
  • FreeWheel - an all terrain add-on for folding wheelchairs (see video below)

Team Hybrid Power Assisted Handcycle

The Cougar S8 Power Assisted Handcycle is a quick release wheelchair attachment designed to fit the majority of rigid frame wheelchairs and will transform your wheelchair into a brilliant sleek and sporty handcycle.  Coyote S8 can be connected to most rigid wheelchairs via a docking system that is permanently mounted under the wheelchair. Once connected it takes only seconds to dock on.  The rear of the docking system is bolted to either the axle or a bar going across the back of the chair. The front of the docking system is bolted to the bar underneath the seat canvas towards the front of the seat.

Contact us for a demo or for more information.