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Our showroom has a broad selection of walkers to help you get around easier.

Standard walkers

With simple functions for adjustability and braking, walkers make getting around easier, and many models are easily transportable.

Walkers mainly for use in the home are available with trays to make carrying things around possible.

We also have folding Zimmer frames available.

Specialist walkers

In our showroom we also have a range of more specialist walkers available.

For example, walkers that have a one-handed brake for people who have difficulty using a limb.

Or for those with Parkinson’s disease, there are walkers which use laser light to stimulate movement.


Additional features

Many of these walkers are fitted with adaptations such as:

  • A built-in seat so that you are able to rest as and when you require
  • Height-adjustability for most walkers, with adjustable handle-height to suit you and support your posture
  • Stick holders and shopping bags

We assess your use of the walker, taking into consideration your safety and your ability to manage it when using it on your own.