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How do I arrange to have adaptations fitted to my vehicle?

Please contact the Driving Department to arrange to have an assessment (if you have not already been assessed). Following your assessment we will send you a quote based on the assessor’s recommendations. If you would like existing adaptations transferred from an existing vehicle to a new one, please contact the workshop team to discuss your needs.

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If I disagree with the outcome of my driving assessment what should I do?

Contact Cornwall Mobility. We will try to explain the conclusions further. If you are still not satisfied you can discuss it with our Driving Department Manager.

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If I am advised to discontinue driving, what are my options?

If your medical condition may improve over a period of time you may like to consider a re-assessment at some point in the future. Or, if it is likely you will not drive again, you could consider equipment such as a scooter to allow mobility in your local area, or perhaps another means of transportation.

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Where will I be assessed?

We can arrange an assessment at the following locations: Truro, Liskeard, Plymouth, Exeter and Holsworthy.

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What does the assessment involve?

The assessor will chat with you about your medical condition, medication and mobility challenges; take details of your driving entitlement and driving history, check that your eyesight meets the required standard, assess your physical ability to use driving controls, check your reaction times and then take you for a drive possibly using one of our specially adapted vehicles.

At the end the assessor will discuss the findings and produce a written report.

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Is a driving assessment like a driving test?

No. Unlike the standard driving test, you do not “pass” or “fail” a driving assessment. The assessment process requires that you demonstrate the ability to drive safely, and in complete control of a vehicle with due consideration for other road users.

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Do you service or repair equipment?

Yes, our workshop team is eager to assist. Just contact our team of technicians: (Phone: 01872 254920 or email: [email protected])

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If I need driving adaptations what should I do?

We usually supply an estimate from our workshop department with your final assessment report. Please visit the Adapting your vehicle section for further information.

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