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I can’t get into or out of the bath.  Can you help?

We have a selection of portable bath lifts available that might help. Please get in touch with us for more information.

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Can I still drive my car without using my feet?

​There are adaptations available for those who cannot use their feet to operate standard pedals. We can organise an assessment for you to see which type of adaptation would suit you best.

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Do you provide training for mobility scooter users?

Yes, we can organise mobility scooter safety training for individuals or groups, at your home or at Cornwall Mobility in Truro.

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What is the age range of clients who have used the driving assessment services?

We have worked with clients of all ages, from 16 to 100 years of age, who were interested in being able to drive and took part in an assessment that helped us to enable them to start or continue to drive safer for longer.

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What vehicles have we adapted?

Our Workshop Team has installed adaptations for vehicles big and small, from a Kia Picanto whose owner required a keyless ignition with electronic controls, to a Minibus that we fitted with a tail lift as well as hand-controls. It has also been possible for us to fit a Mule tractor with hand-controls and other adaptations.

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How long have clients used our services?

We have provided for clients who have been coming to us since we first started up in 1987.

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How much do assessments cost?

​Most of our assessments are free, but charges apply to our driving assessments.

Standard driving assessments cost £80, but the costs of more specialist assessments may vary.

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How much will adaptations cost?

Costs vary depending on the type of adaptations for your requirements. We can give you a quote based on these.

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