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Preparing and eating food

If you have a disability or medical condition which makes using standard utensils and cutlery difficult, we have a large range of utensils to make cooking and eating easier.

For people who find it difficult to grip, specialised cutlery is available, for example, with lightweight foam handles, heavy-weighted to assist with tremor, and ergonomically correct for people who suffer from arthritis. We also have a variety of drinking utensils suitable for all age groups.

If you have difficulty opening packaging, tins or jars, we have a range of gadgets which can help. 

We also have a range of multi-function workstations and equipment for those who can only use one hand. 

We also have a range of wheeled trays and tables to make carrying or moving items around easier.

Although you can find some of these gadgets in supermarkets and hardware shops, our showroom has a complete range, suitable for all mobility related problems.