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Cornwall Mobility
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We have a large range of equipment available for all kinds of support

If you have a disability or mobility problem which makes it difficult for you to wash, get into and out of the bath or if you need help using the toilet, we can assess your needs and recommend a solution to make living independently easier.

Bathing aids

We have a range of equipment for the shower, such as shower seats, or more specialist equipment such as bath lifts, which make getting in and out of the bath easier. 

We also have a range of equipment available for those who need help when washing, bathing and grooming, such as long-handled combs, sponges and lotion applicators.  We also have a fully functioning wet room available for demonstration.

We also have a shower system designed for the visually impaired which has easily detectable operating instructions.  Have a problem in this area? Why not have a chat with us?

Toiletry aids

If you have difficulty using a standard toilet, we have plumbed-in specialist shower toilets as well as toilet raisers and commodes.

We can give you information on tradespeople who will fit these products for you and give you information on how to apply to have equipment supplied by your local social services department.

We also stock continence equipment and products.