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If you care for someone with a disability or mobility problem, we can offer advice and recommend equipment to help with their care.

We offer equipment to help with caring for someone in their home, such as specialist seating, bath hoists, mobile hoists and turners, as well as simpler solutions such as slideboards, glidesheets and other moving and handling equipment, or power packs that provide a powered option to a manual wheelchair when used by a carer.

We also provide other access solutions that assist a driver or passenger with getting in and out of a vehicle and lifts and hoists that can load wheelchairs and scooters into vehicles. 

We can also provide training in the use of wheelchair restraints and passenger safety systems in private vehicles and mini-buses for individuals, groups or organisations.

Silvalea patient slings

We are preferred providers and assessors for Silvalea Replacement Slings in the Cornwall region.  Silvalea is the leading manufacturer of patient slings to assist the transfer of clients using a hoist machine and are used by carers, health professionals, schools and in the home.  Please contact us if you would like to arrange an assessment.