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Mobility scooters


If you are thinking of having a Mobility Scooter, talk to our team of specialist assessors who can give you advice on which make or model may be best for where you live and for where you want to use it.

This can include the assessor coming to your home to look at where you want to use a scooter, where you can store and charge it and we will give you training in how to use it safely.

There are Mobility Scooters available that travel at up to 4mph for pavement use or up to 8mph for on-road use. Some are available through the Motability Lease Scheme and our assessors can advise you on this.

RollerScoot - the new ‘standing personal mobility vehicle’

The RollerScoot is an exciting new ‘standing personal mobility vehicle’ which is extremely manoeuvrable and has the ability to turn on the spot, is small enough to fit through narrow doorways and in between furniture or the aisles of shops, is very light and compact, can be folded or dis-assembled, rolled along the ground like a case, and be quickly and easily stored in the car boot or other convenient location.  Contact us if you would like to arrange a demo or would like more information.


We can provide Mobility Scooter or Wheelchair safety awareness training for individuals or groups.

Our specialist assessors can teach you how to be aware of other pavement or road users and how to use your Mobility Scooter or Powered Wheelchair safely on the pavement or on the road.